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PRAGUE Sightseeing tours of Prague and excursions in the Czech Republic. VIENNA Seightseeing tours in Viena and concerts. Visit and enjoy Viena. A selection of walks through Vienna, guided tours, Mozart and Strauss concert.   Enjoy the wonders of Vienna and Austria with our team of local guides, which will help you to discover the magic of the Austrian capital. You can choose the walking tours, tours in groups or individual tours.   The ideal way to know a place is to have the presence of someone who speaks our language and who knows the city perfectly. For this reason, we offer you a professional private guide to show you the best of Vienna. BUDAPEST Sightseeing tours in Budapest, boat trips and night programs. Visit and enjoy Budapest. Architecture, sights and tasty cuisine make Budapest one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. Born from the union of the cities of Buda and Pest, the capital of Hungary represents different angles and facts of the Hungarian trajectory. These various facets can be proven in the long visits to some of its main sights. The Hungarian Parliament, for example, a medieval castle that impresses thanks to its dimensions, is part of the historical and cultural circuit of Budapest, while the Zoological Park recreates several wild spaces, bringing visitors closer to nature. Already the Museum of Fine Arts provides a quick return to the world. KRAKOW Sightseeing tour of Krakow, tour to salt mines and concentration camp Auschwitz. Visit and enjoy Krakow. In its streets and squares you can discover the roots of Polish culture. In the Middle Ages it became the capital of the whole kingdom of Poland. The center of the city is marked by the Market Square, an impressive esplanade that exceeds 40,000 square meters, which makes it the largest medieval square in the world. In the buildings that surround it you can read the 700 years of history since it was built. In the heart of the square stands the Cloth Hall, one of the most significant buildings in Krakow. In its origin it was a market in which the merchandise that came from the Far East was traded, like silk. Do not miss the chance to walk on the Royal Road, one of the most interesting routes that can be done in Krakow. The Royal Route - the historical coronation path of the Polish kings when Kraków served as the royal capital from the 14th century to the very end of the 16th century. BERLIN Berlin, outstanding for being the capital of international events, with more than 400 fairs and congresses per year. It also stands out for its lively nightlife, which offers variety for all kinds of tastes, such as artistic, cultural, recreational and other activities. MUNICH xx
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